June 25th, 2013.

I guess I should start off by saying, I honestly never use this site anymore. I would like to use it more but to say the least, I feel to busy to even attempt. As always, because this is how I usually start a new post, “a lot has changed.” 

Almost two months ago I moved away to Mississippi. Before I even continue, yes, I fucking hate it. It’s literally the same as Baton Rouge, La., and I hated there too. Anyway, I moved out here for a good cause and that’s probably the only thing that has made it worth my time. I’m now the store manager of my own Hot Topic store. Who would have guessed, right? I know I sure as hell never expected to be this far at the age of 21. Not with my “rebellious” reputation. But, nevertheless, here I am. I’m proud of myself. It feels AMAZING to be able to actually say that. I’ve worked extremely hard for this position and I know in my heart that I deserve this. I just don’t want to stop.. I want to keep progressing. So that’s what I plan on doing.

I also bought my second car. Granted, I had to find roommates due to the fact that my note and insurance are incredibly high, but at least I have that.. and some company now and then.

What else? Oh. Davide broke my heart. BIG fucking surprise there, right? Ha. Yeah, it was hard.. still is at times, but I’m making it. I refuse to let another heart ache ruin my life. It’s just going to take time. I guess what hurts the most is that I lost my best friend due to the fact that we couldn’t keep our “feelings” at bay. Or maybe just mine. I don’t know. Lesson learned.. again. 

So, now, I am sitting in a Starbucks in Baton Rouge, on my “three day vacation” (not really because I have to drive to New Orleans tomorrow for a store manager meeting) feeling tired, excited, stressed, anxious, and a bit overwhelmed. I’m going to spend the day with Joey and stop by the tattoo shop to submit my next tattoo idea and set up an appointment. I guess I just… wanted to write a little in the meantime. 

Till next time.